Most of us know that in Tirol you can buy a season card that covers over 90 areas in Tirol. Which is awesome for doing road trips, checking out new areas and riding some of the best funparks of Austria.

The snow card Tirol includes areas like:

  • Stubai 
  • Nordkette & Patscherkofel 
  • Mayrhofen (Zillertal)
  • Kaunertal
  • Hintertux 
  • And many more

The card is valid from the 1st of October until the 15th of May which means a season full of shredding. With so many areas to choose from it’s hard to decide. That’s why we make things a little bit more easy for you all. This roadmap is mainly focussed on park riding. But don’t worry. We are working on a roadmap for riding the good POW as well…

After spending more than 5 seasons in Tirol we know all about it. We decided to share our secret park knowledge with all of you.

The Baked snow park road trip.

Innsbruck is known as the epicenter for snowboarding in Tirol. So we choose Innsbruck as a starting point. This is the roadmap for an awesome winter full of sick parks.

Snowpark Patscherkofel

Patscherkofel (A.K.A. Patschi) is a small park located very close to Innsbruck (IBK). The view from the park is awesome and you look over all of Innsbruck from the park. It’s known as a very good park for those who like to jib around on the rails. The level of the park is quite high and the laps are short and fast.

The short and fast laps reminded me of shredding indoors. You’ll find many IBK locals like Lorenz (A.K.A. NoRenz) Jacco boss & many more destroying the place.

Marina Alonso Bakedsnow goggles atpatscherkofel snowpark
(Marina Alonso playing around in the patscherkofel snowpark mini pipe rocking the Shaman)

Because of the location of the park, the sun will stay shining bright until late in the afternoon. The lift normally closes around 15:00 but that’s when its time to light it up, open one up for the boys and start your hiking session.

(6080, Timo Roberts, Noah Jansen, Marina Alonso & Jacco boss having a good Patschi sesh)

Nordkette Skyline park

Nordkette the favorite park for many IBK locals. Fast laps, sick rails, and proper jumps make it good for any type of rider. In general, the level of features is quite high. So we wouldn’t recommend the low-level jerry to come here.

One of the most awesome things about this place is the view, the name of the park refers to the skyline view. The location of the park is perfect for photos & videos.

(Jacco a.k.a. Mr. Daily Chaos destroying the Nordkette Park)

Stubai Zoo snowpark

Stubai is one of the most well-known places in Tirol and Europe in general. At the pre and late season, you will find many pro snowboarders & skiers from all over the world gathering in the zoo to shred the Prime park sessions. The park is made and shaped by Schneestern. The Prime jumps they build are HUGE, probably the biggest in Austria.

They have a Prime park area which is only accessible for the BIG boys and girls. You will need permission by the park to hit these, which is only possible for sponsored riders…

Snowpark Stubai Zoo
(Bakedsnow team rider Mike Mkcernan playing in the zoo rocking the Abyss red sunset)

But don’t worry. Located next to the Prime park they have the normal park section which is accessible for anyone. This park has a lot of different features and lines for different levels. They have a beginner line consisting of small jumps, boxes, and easy rails.

They have a medium rail line and a medium kicker line which are very playful. The Stubai Zoo is a MUST GO for any snowboarder or skier hitting the pre/late season glaciers.

(Stuart Innes sending a big switch bs Double on the Stubai Zoo Kickers)

Mayrhofen Penken park

The Mayrhofen Penken Park is known as one of the sickest parks in Europe. It’s full of seasonaires who really want to shred a good park. The Penken Park is made and shaped by a dedicated shape team from Q-parks.

The park is full of sick rails & boxes for different types of levels. They normally have Small jumps, medium jumps, and pro jumps. The Penken Park makes different lines for each level. This makes the park perfect to progress.

Besides jumps they normally have 3 or 4 different rail lines which are very playful. The lift is medium short and it is a comfy 6-seater. They also have an awesome chill area at the top of the park with tunes.

Snowboarding in Penken Park Mayrhofen (snowpark)
(Niek Theeboom coming in with a nose press in the Penken park – photo by Haidan Bancroft)

A big plus for the Penken park is the fact that they have a baby park as well. So it’s perfect for beginners who just started with park riding.

Kaunertal glacier

Kaunertal always takes part in the Austrian glacier opening events (KTO) and comes up with a sick pre-season park. Normally the park is long & got many different rail features like the triple kink and a sick s-rail. Have a look at their website to see their fun park from last year. The road to the Kaunertal glacier has a beautiful lake with an amazing view.  People come from all over Europe to shred this place.

We teamed up with Daily Chaos to make a sick edit from the Kaunertal opening last year.

Hintertux glacier

Normally Hintertux glacier is the first park to open in Austria & Europe. The Hotzone opening is a sick event that kicks off the winter the right way. The park is super long & they have many different features. The medium line is super fun & normally pretty crowded due to the fact that they are awesome.

(Fire on the hill snowboard event @betterparkhintertux – filmed by Daily Chaos)

Bakedsnow has always been a part of the Fire in the fridge events. During the pre-season of 19/20 Fire on the hill was held at Betterpark Hintertux.

The park is designed & made by Betterpark and they build some of the best jumps of Europe. Normally its the first pro-line to open in Europe. This is an important reason why a lot of pro riders from all over the world show up there early season.

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  1. Stiv Mitch says:

    This is a seriously good article! Really helpful for people like me that love shredding in Austria but haven’t explored many places other than Penken.
    Will be sure to share!

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