Our buddy Adrian Formella is a dedicated shaper at the Mayrhofen Penken Park. Besides the shaping, he is also doing a lot of the media for the Vans Penken Park.

Not only is he making sure that everyone can ride a sick park, but he is also one hell of a rider. Together with his homie Poul Henry, he made a sick little movie project called White heaven. As you can see Adrian really knows the Mayrhofen off piste spots and is not afraid to show off his skills.

Video produced and edited by Poul Henry Production starring Adrian Formella

5 days of shooting while we were exploring the beauty of Mayrhofen off piste. Adrian knew the right spots to spray some powder and I was always keen to capture these epic moments. It was an exhausting but such a satisfying process. For sure more than worth it to invest all the energy and time.

We were praying for some powder since months and we were lucky enough that it came down as I just arrived. It almost felt like destiny to go out for the freeride, something I was always wishing to experience in Mayrhofen!

Poul Henry

Make sure to give these guys a follow for more powderlicious photos and videos. Make sure to say hi to Adrian when your around in the Penken park and tell him to keep it baked. He might even show you around in the Mayrhofen off piste when is done working.

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