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Being stuck at home got us all thinking about snowboarding more than ever. All ski lifts are closed and the last bits of snow are melting down. Weird times take weird measurements. Luckily we got the dry-slope warrior Stu Innes. Stu is a ride without snow veteran like you can see in his latest summer turf edit which filmed by his mum (can be found at the bottom).

Stu is teaching all of you who are desperate for some shredding, how to build a backyard snowboard setup. No more excuses, follow along and strap in for your next backyard snowboard sesh.

Things needed for a backyard snowboard setup:

  • Astroturf or dry slope material
  • Pallets
  • Wood
  • Dishwashing liquid and/or multi-surface furniture polish
  • Rail (how to build the rail can be found below)

Step 1: build a wooden frame

The wooden drop-in frame can be build out of 2 by 4’s or just four wooden pallets.

Step 2: Diagonal support

The second step is to attach diagonal supports across the wooden frame to make sure the whole thing won’t collapse once your dropping in.

Step 3: The in-run

The in-run can be built out of pallets or 2 by 4’s. Make sure to build it fairly steep so you have enough speed to actually hit the rail, tube or box your using.

Step 4: The transition

To be able to actually ride your backyard snowboard setup you gonna need a proper transition so that you won’t have too much compression while riding up to the rail, tube or box.

Step 5: The take-off

Last but not least your going to need a take-off to finish your backyard snowboard setup.

Now just wet your turf, drop in and enjoy your summer ride. Use some dishwasher liquid to make sure you got some extra speed. In case you really struggling to get your speed right, you can put the multi-surface furniture polish on your base to fly down your backyard setup.

Step 6: The feature

Last but not least you are going to need a feature to ride. Like a rail, box or PVC tube. Want to make a proper PVC rail setup? Just follow the tutorial below.

Can you beat the setup Stu got? Post it on Instagram and tag @stu_heinz_switchup and @bakedsnow

Stu dropping that fire during his latest summer surf turf vol 2.

Back in the days, Stu was even dropping street parts using astroturf with a drop-in ramp. Make sure to subscribe to Stu his youtube channel to get the latest no-snow snowboard insights.

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