The frontside boardslide is an all-time classic snowboard trick. A proper FS boardslide looks good, feels good and will get you mad respect when done right. Getting your first frontside boardslide might look impossible at first, but once you get it, it’s like cycling, you will never unlearn them

Mr Stuart Innes A.K.A. Stu Heinz Switchup knows all ins and outs from the FS boardslide. He does them on any rail, Switch or normal & with or without a 270 out. If you want to learn how to do a frontside boardslide just read on or watch the video above.

Suart Innes doing a frontside boardslide on the double kink in Hintertux
@StuartInnes Doing a frontside boardslide through the double kink. Photo : @whyaintyou

Frontside vs. Backside Boardslide

Before getting into the trick itself, let’s clear something up really quick. What makes a frontside boardslide frontside and a backside boardslide backside? The answer is quite easy and like many terminologies within snowboarding got its roots in skateboarding.

When you approach and jump onto the rail or box from your toes it’s called frontside, when you approach it from your heels, it’s called backside. So with the trick of today, you are approaching the feature from your toes and slide down the feature backwards.

Preparation for the frontside boardslide

Before trying an FS boardslide it’s recommended to have your normal 50-50’s and backside boardslides on lock. This means you need to be familiar with jumping onto a box or rail from the frontside and know the feeling of sliding sideways.

The frontside boardslide

Like any trick, it’s good to build up the trick and start with an easy feature like a box or tube. To get familiar with the trick you can start by doing the FS boardslide at the end of the box or rail.

To do this you ride up towards the feature like a normal 50-50. Once you get close to the end of the feature you push your back leg behind you which will rotate your hips. Make sure to keep on looking to the end of the feature.

Once you’re confident doing the FS boardslide at the end, you’re ready to get into the real thing.

Send it

Approach the feature from your toe side with your front arm in front of your body. Make sure to keep looking at the end of the feature during the whole trick. Pop onto the feature by doing an ollie and push your back leg behind you.

Oh shit I’m on it

Most people will feel surprised when they actually land onto the feature. Make sure to stay calm and keep looking at the end of the rail/box. Once you land onto the feature make sure to keep your weight centred above the board. Having too much pressure on your toe or heel edge will cause you to fall forwards or backwards.

Magic hands

One of the most crucial parts of this trick is the positioning of your arms. The recommended stance is having your back arm next to your front leg and your front arm next to your back leg like the post below.

Just ride away like a boss

By staying in the position described above you will have no trouble getting back to your normal riding position once you pop off the feature. As you can see in the video, you move your arms back to the normal riding position which will automatically turn your lower body back in position.

Respect brotha!

Now you got your first front boards down, it’s time to step it up to the next feature. When feeling nervous try some 50-50’s and 50-50 to Frontside boardslides before you try the full thing.

Snowboarder doing a frontside boardslide in the stubai zoo snowboard park while wearing his gold frameless snowboard goggles
Baked teamrider @MikeMckernan showing how its done.

Most common mistakes

Don’t let a crash scare you away. Everybody has been there. Just keep on trying but pay close attention to the following mistakes:

  1. Keep on looking to the end of the rail dude!
    This is a very common mistake that will cause you to be blind during the boardslide. Getting back to the normal position is going to be very hard once you lost the end of the rail. As you can imagine the solution for this mistake is quite simple. Just make sure to keep on looking to the end of the rail!
  2. Going on your toe edge and slipping of the rail
    This is a scary one… Make sure to lean back a little bit so you don’t fall over. Going on your toe edge is often caused by riding onto the rail with a bent back. Make sure to keep your back straight when approaching and jumping onto the rail.
  3. Doing 45-degree boardslide (A.K.A. zeaching)
    Make sure to keep pushing your back leg out. If this feels impossible, maybe consider doing some more yoga!

Now you’re ready to get those frontside boardslides going! Don’t be afraid and keep on trying. If you want some feedback, just reach out Stu or to us on Instagram and we can give you some personal tips!

Got that FS boardslide on lock now? Get to the next step and learn how to do a frontside blunt 270 out (sameway).

Wanna see more trick tip & snowboard related content? Check out Stu’s Youtube channel here.

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