Teamrider Jacco made a little edit called from a 2,5-week street-mission through Italy last winter. Accompanied by canary cartel’s Oskar Fritzsche & Christian Kirsche. Photos and most of the film were captured by Jake Terry.

Urlaub in Italien was a no-budget, passion, pasta & pizza fuelled trip, with struggles to find snow in a though winter. Oh, and he nearly got locked in Italy on the last day by the immediate lockdown of the country.

Jacco Bos filming for Urlaub In Italien while wearing his favorite Bakedsnow snowboard goggle
Jacco filming his homies – Photo by @JakeTerryphoto

All-in-all we had a really good time and it felt like a vacation. 

The soundtrack was on at every spot and almost every trick Jacco landed whilst having that tune playing, therefore he calls it “Urlaub in Italien”.

Jacco with a huge backside lip – Photo by @JakeTerryphoto

Interview with Jacco Bos

Pizza or pasta?


How was it to film a street part in Italy?

I mean, it was a 2,5-week trip, not exactly filming a whole part, and that’s why we weren’t all too serious and it felt like having a vacation. That’s how the came to be as well “Urlaub”

That first bail looked pretty gnarly… did you hurt yourself bad? 

I got away super lucky with just some nice bruises and scratches, but if you watch closely, it’s almost like breakdancing.

Who was with you on this? 

Oskar Fritzsche, Christian Kirsch, and Jake Terry having Jake and Kirschy with you is like rolling with 2 comedians, it was hilarious.

Best moment of the trip? 

When a random dog appeared at a spot and chilled with us for hours and then just took off again after a whistle in the distance.

Favorite shot/spot of the edit? 

Euhm I’d say the ender, surprise knee slide on a train carriage, I never did a switch back 1 on to anything, and first try I slipped out and slid the train on my knees, it was quite unexpected and felt really funny.

Jacco Bos jumping over a train during his edit Urlaub in Italien
Jacco Jumping over the train carriage – Photo by @JakeTerryphoto

Tell us your dirty stories which happened during the urlaub in Italien

We ran into the Notion crew… enough said?

What are your Plans for the upcoming season? Are you planning on a new project? 

Euhm, to go snowboarding as much as I can, no project in mind this year.  Maybe I’ll save up shots for later or something, I have no clue, to be honest.

When is the Nana full part dropping? 

When she gets a paid filmer :p

Special thanks to? 

Marina & Nana ❤️

Nana the dog wearing a bakedsnow goggle

Jacco Rides

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