Earings, broken bones & hammers A.K.A. WkndSesh. Deffo a weekend we won’t forget. Let’s kick it off with a little introduction. Wknd 3.5 is an alternative for the original Wknd event hosted in Snowworld Terneuzen. Due to all the restrictions, we decided to do an invite-only event.

Jacco bos, Baked teamrider & one of the main organizers of the event (flyer made by @tbigroberts)

One of five lucky winners got unlucky at the very start. Anne-Sophie who got her invite by doing a normal & switch FS blunt 270 (which is like unseen in girls snowboarding).

Anne sophie snowboarding in the snowworld terneuzen funpark
Photo by @dindie

Of course, she had to do the same trick during the Wknd Sesh. On her last try to get the FS blunt 2 on the flat-down rail, things got a little nasty and she ended up breaking her shoulder pretty bad… We were happy to see that everyone was really supportive and she got down to the local hospital in no time. Heal up soon Anne!

photo from broken shoulder which happened during wknd3.5 in snowworld terneuzen

Let the chaos begin

A little crash didn’t stop the boys and girls to send it like there is no tomorrow. From Cork 7’s on the hip by Thommynator to frontflip to FS boards by our team rider Bob Ibe A.K.A. Bubbakush. Nothing too crazy for the Wknd Sesh.

Hips don’t lie

No Wknd event goes by without having a huge sesh on the hip. I mean, Riding indoor hips, you can’t really wish for anything more than that. While walking up to the hip I can see @jaschaphoto shooting with a big smile on his face, getting bigger after every single photo he shot. Like a kid in the candy shop. He told us he could go home after the very first sesh, str8 up money shots.

Marina alonso doing a jump on her snowboard in the snowworld terneuzen snowpark
Teamrider Marina Alonso @em.ei stretching the legs. Photo by @Jaschaphoto

Like always people came from all over to make sure they don’t miss out on the Wknd Sesh. Like our teamrider Mees Oostdijk coming all the way from the Swiss Alpes to enjoy the dutch mountains.

Mees Oostdijk in the parking lot of snowworld terneuzen
photo by: @dindie

Of course, Mees dropped some heat by throwing down a fire line which ended up with a messed up elbow. At least he got a fire clip and some good medicine after.

All the way from Finland

Another Baked rider who got invited this year is the homie Saska Halmes A.K.A. Mr. Steazy. Mr Steazy did live up to his name and impressed all the dome kids with his Viking steeze. After a couple of warm-up laps he was awake and throwing dome hammers like Thor.

The Dutch dome kids

Besides the international boys coming down, we also had the Dutch dome kids living up to the name by doing any rail trick you could think of. Kasper De Zoete who recently joined the Baked team came down with the Notionsnow crew to get some clips for their own little edit (dropping soon). Kasper is getting really hyped on his helmet and started a new wave of Biker boys riding domes as you can see in the shot below.

Kasper de zoete doing a snowboard trick on the rail in snowworld terneuzen
Photo by: @jaschaphoto

Are you ready for a crazy edit?

Well one thing is for sure, the edit is going to be craaaaaazy. 2 days of filming hammers with a massive fisheye is gonna be good, real good. Keep an eye out on the @WKND_4.0 gram cause soon enough you’ll see a banger edit made by the @digunderwater crew.

Big love to the homies

Before ending this post, we would like to give some love to:

Peace, love & keep it baked

The baked team

P.S. winter is coming, get ready to ride the mountains, grab some fresh goggles or check out the next park you should visit here.

Weekendpuntjes in the jumbo near Snowworld Terneuzen
Looking for the edit? Rumor is it will drop on Friday the 18th of September. For now, enjoy this photo from weekend puntjes x Tiny Timpie

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